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They’ve done the tests, and have evidence that our universe may actually be a simulation:

It’s less that we may be living within a computer simulation, but more like the foundations of our universe ( the laws of physics) are written on a lower dimensional plane, and the observable universe that we see is a projection (simulation) up onto a higher dimension.

Here’s some background:

are you telling me that
we’re in someones fucking sims game


Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!

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It cracks me up when the actors on a show are also the producers because I always picture them casting themselves like

"Who’ll play the main character? Ah yes. Me."


sorry but




u can’t beat the monuments men

umm excuse u



don’t mess with the Polar Express

Don’t forget about Alfred Hitchcock

He had a small uncredited role in about 36 of the 69 movies he directed, such as the man who misses the bus in the beginning of North by Northwest

Gravity Falls Theory Idea

Wow it has been a while since I posted anything.  This is an idea I got from a youtube video with some Gravity Falls Theories in it.  I can’t remember what video it was, so I’m sorry about that.  Whoever made the video did a great job explaining the theories, but there was one theory that they didn’t have much of an explanation for: the owls.

They mentioned that some people in the fandom think that the owls represent something in Gravity Falls, and I agree.  They just weren’t quite sure what they could represent.  Owls are mentioned or shown about four times, so it could just be a running gag with the ‘Owl trowel’, but I was thinking about this theory and I believe I have an idea of what it could mean.

The owls in Gravity Falls could represent something along the lines of ‘watch your back’ seeing as how an owl can turn its head to face backwards.



my school does this thing for valentines where you can send ‘cupids’ to people in class,
so like you’ll just be in the middle of class and suddenly scantly clad dudes burst in and start singing to the victim while they just kind of sit there looking dead inside

At my school, you can send a can of crush to your crush for $1.  For another dollar, you can find out who sent you a crush.

Epic: What if her dad didn’t get her message? part 3 (last)

Author’s note: sorry this took so long.  I’ve been CRAZY busy with AP and CIS classes.  (take all AP and CIS classes they said.  It’ll be fun!)  I actually had this written a while ago, but fixed a few things in it.  Enjoy!

Still at the house…

The sound of something hitting a jar alerted Bomba.  He quickly looked at the jar in question and saw something by it.  The image was flickering, so he couldn’t see it clearly.

‘It’s probably nothing.  I’ll look at it with the helmet and that will be that.’ He thought to himself as he grabbed his helmet and put it on.  What he saw startled him.

It looked like Mary Katherine, but, just like before, it was only two inches tall.  ‘This is another hallucination.  She’s gone now, so it can’t be her.’ He thought as he slowly moved his hand closer to the hallucination to test this theory.  He lightly poked it and felt that it was real.  It started to move.

He drew in a quick breath and then said (a bit loudly) “MK!”


How else can I say still at the house…

MK felt something nudge her as she came back to consciousness.  The back of her head hurt, so she tried to rub away the pain.  She then heard someone say her name very slowly

“Dad?” MK said slowly as she opened up her eyes and looked up to see her dad’s worried face above her.

“Dad!”  She said as she stood up on the table.  “Don’t faint!”  She said slowly with her hands in front of her.

“I won’t.” her dad said as he bent down to be eye level with his daughter.

“You were right.”

“About what?”

“About everything.  I’m sorry.”

“Me too.  How did you get so small?”

“Dad it was amazing!  They’re real!”  MK answered.  Her hummingbird on the windowsill then tweeted, reminding her of the battle in the forest.  “And they need your help.  Can you bring me over to the window?”

“Sure.  Why?”  Her dad asked as he lent a hand to carry her over to the window.

“My ride’s waiting for me.  I’ll meet you out back.”  MK responded as she hopped off of her dad’s hand and dashed to the hummingbird she had borrowed.

She flew around to the back of the house to wait for her dad.  She didn’t have to wait long before her dad came out of the house and looked for her. 

Once he had spotted her on the hummingbird, she yelled “Follow me.” and they ran and flew towards Moonhaven.

(Rest of it is just like in the movie.)

The End

Catching Fire reaction

I just got back from catching fire.  it was amazing!  Everything was just so well done.  it was very accurate to the book.  I won’t spoil anything for those of you who haven’t seen or read it, but there was something hilarious that happened at my theatre.

At the end of the movie, this one kid in the front of the theatre yelled out "Is that it?  Are you kidding me?"  the whole theatre erupted into laughter.  Just thought this would put a smile on your face!

Epic: What if her dad didn’t get her message? part 2

At the house…

MK’s dad was sitting on the floor slumped against the table.  She had never seen him like this before, even though she hadn’t seen him for a while.

She looked around and saw that his computer screens were all shut down.  The cords had all been unplugged.

'Why would he…' she started thinking to herself before she saw what her dad was holding in his hands.  It was the letter she had left on the computer screen saying that she couldn't stay here if his research was more important than her.

"She was right, Ozzy."  her dad said slowly.  "I put my work before her and now I’ve ruined everything.  She’s gone and she won’t be coming back.  Just like her mother."  He looked up and then back at the ground.  "The only thing I seem to be good at doing is driving people away.  They probably aren’t even there.  This is just a delusional belief.  I actually thought I saw my daughter 2 inches tall stuck in a bug jar.  That just proves it.  I was so wrong."

"No dad, I was wrong.  I’m here!  They’re real and they need your help!  Please!" she yelled desperately, but her dad didn’t notice her.  Ozzy’s ears perked up a bit, but he couldn’t pinpoint where the sound was coming from.

'I need to get somewhere that he can see me, but I don't want to be chased by Ozzy again.  I can't jump that far, so how do I get across?'  MK thought while looking around the room.

It was still messed up from when she ad her friends had visited.  Lamps and other things had been knocked down by both her dad and Ozzy.  She saw a yard stick that had somehow fallen from a shelf and was now connecting the table to the ledge she was on.  ‘Perfect.’ she thought.  It would make an excellent bridge.

MK wasted no time in running across the yard stick to the table.  It was easier than she thought.  A bit unsteady, but still easy.  She started moving towards where her dad was.

Her dad was starting to get up!  “Dad!  Look down here!  I’m right here!” But her dad still didn’t hear her and started to clean up the mess from earlier, starting with her makeshift bridge.

'Great. I'm stuck here until he notices me, unless I want a repeat of Ozzy no kisses.' she thought to herself.

Meanwhile, her dad continued to destroy his work.  “They were right, Ozzy.  I’m only good at driving people away.  It’s all my fault.  I’m so sorry.”

Ozzy had finally noticed her and barked at her, gesturing with his head from her dad to her.  It was almost like he was trying to help her dad find her. 

Her dad must have thought that Ozzy was thinking about his work because he said “I don’t care anymore!  I have to find my daughter!  Uggh!” as he let out his frustration.

"This stupid…" he threw some of his sketchbooks in a cardboard box.

"…delusional…" he then slid some of his displays off of the table to the floor.

"…idiotic theory!"

"No!  Dad, stop!  You’re not delusional!  I’ve met them!  Stop destroying all your wok!"  MK yelled as she ran towards her dad, not noticing tat she was now standing on the map of the forest.

Her dad started to turn her way.  Had he finally heard her?  She stopped running and looked up to hopefully see that had.  he didn’t even look her way.  He grabbed the edge of the map and started to pull it off of the table.

'Uh oh.' MK thought as she started to backpedal off of the map, but she wasn't fast enough and was flung headfirst into the side of a random jar and knocked unconscious.

To be continued…

Epic: What if her dad didn’t get her message? part 1

Note: I won’t write the Stomper lines in slow motion, I don’t own Epic or its amazing characters, sorry this took me so long.  On with the show!

"Dad!" MK shouted at the camera before it shut down.  She flew over to the next one and managed to yell "Look at the screen!" before it also shut down.  She saw the last one and began pleading "Don’t stop looking!  Not now!  You were right!  Please!  We need your help!" but its red light slowly shut off.

She didn’t have much time to sit there in shock before an arrow whizzed past her.  She looked back and saw a Boggan getting ready to shoot another one at her.  She quickly began to fly away.

Up ahead, she could see the house.  ‘I have to get dad’s attention.  Why would he turn off the cameras?’ she thought to herself while avoiding the arrows zooming by her.

It was no easy task to lose the Boggan chasing her.  She had an idea, but it was risky.  She zoomed around another tree and grabbed branch.  It bent out of sight of the pursuing Boggan.  At the right moment, she let it go and it hit the crow and its rider into another tree, knocking them unconscious.

Now she could fly to the house without worrying about poisoned arrows.  Going in through the same window as before would probably be the best area to get in and reach her dad.

Landing on the windowsill again, she hopped off of her hummingbird.  It would wait for her.  she slipped through the open window and entered the house, unprepared for what she saw.

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